Update for the Week of December 7th

*Holy Day Mass on Tuesday, December 8th at 9am at St. Alphonsus Church

* An All School Advent Prayer Service will be held Wednesday morning in the gym at 8:45am. Please join us if you can!

Religion: We are going to complete Chapter 12: We Keep the Lord’s Day Holy, learning about the 3rd Commandment. We will have a Chapter 12 quiz on Friday, 12/11. The following week we will be learning about the season of Advent and Christmas.

ELA: We will continue with Sarah Plain and Tall, working on Chapters 3 & 4, reviewing story vocabulary, main idea/details and completing a comprehension quiz. We will move on mid-week with vocab for Chapters 5-9 and see how far we can get completing the story. We are also going to be working on Elf stories this week….they are going to be lots of fun and will be hanging in the hall for you to enjoy and read when you come to school. There will be Spelling #2 for Sarah, Plain and Tall with the test on Friday, 12/11. 

Math: We have moved on to Chapter 12 on multiplication of double digit numbers. We have estimated and multiplied double digits that are multiples of 10. This week we will learn how to multiply the double digits, using place value holders. This chapter is very short (6 lessons) so I plan to finish the chapter on Monday, 12/14 and there will be a Chapter 12 Math Test on Tuesday or Wednesday, December 16th!!  Please continue to review all math facts daily with your child!! We are practicing Mad Minutes (multiplication facts) and students should be doing IXL for about 15min a night to further develop their skills.

Social Studies: We began Chapter 4: Colonial New York, learning about colonial life here in NY and how life changes when the colonists have no say in the government (English rule). We are going to finish the chapter learning about large manors and students will be making their own colonial manors in class. Probably a Chapter test sometime around 12/17 or 12/22.

Science: We are just about finished with Chapter 3: Ecosystems, learning about the energy pyramid on Monday, 12/7. A study guide went home today and we will have a Ch. 3 Test on Thursday, 12/10.

For now, our specials schedule is as follows:

Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Music and Art

Thursday: PE and Spanish

Friday: PE, Library & Computer