Valentine's Day 209

Catholic Identity

  • We pray together everyday.
  • We celebrate mass with our school community as we visit the various churches in Auburn.
  • We have Religion class with a Priest and Sister throughout the year.


  • In math, we cover many topics including: adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers, money, time, geometry, multiplication, graphs and so many more!
  • In Science this year, learn about: Weather, Bats, Animal Groups, Animal Habitats, Matter, Energy, Forces/Simple Machines, Butterflies, Dinosaurs, and our Environment.
  • In Social Studies, we learn about: Johnny Appleseed, Areas we live in, Maps, Native Americans/Pilgrims, Christmas Around the World, Continents, African American History, Our 50 States, Monuments in our Country, and Important Symbols of our Country (emphasis on our flag).
  • Our Religion we learn about how God takes care of us. This is a special year for second graders who will be making the Sacrament of Reconciliation and their First Holy Communion.


  • We participate with various donations for our community.
  • We send cards to people in our community during special times.


Supply List
4th Grade
• Many pencils
• Erasers
• Five notebooks (each one should be a different color)
• Seven folders (five folders should match the five notebooks)
• Two sets of 24 crayons (one for the beginning of the year and one to replace later in the year)
• Two boxes of tissues
• Two packages of baby wipes
• Ruler (with inches and centimeters)
• Two composition journals
• One package of wide ruled notebook paper
• One three-ring binder for notebook paper (1 inch)
• One pair of scissors
• Two highlighters (any color)
• One package of skinny expo markers (four to a package)
• Glue
• One box of Ziploc bags
• One crayon case to hold crayons, scissors and glue
• One pencil case for pencils/erasers
• One assignment notebook (dates help with organization)
• Sneakers for gym (they can be left in school)
• Art smock for art
• Be sure you buy the gym uniform from Lands’ End