What's New in 3rd Grade

  • Grades 3, 4, & 5 pray together weekly
  • Religion is taught daily
  • Grade 3 prepares school Mass
  • Grade 3 prepares prayer services for Morning Program
  • We welcome priests from several parishes in our classroom
  • Curriculum is faith based
  • Common Core curriculum is used according to student need and teacher discretion
  • Third graders are expected to memorize their multiplication facts
  • Science and Social Studies are taught several times a week
  • Hands on projects and experiments to reinforce lessons taught
  • Prayer services and other presentations for public speaking practice
  • Thanksgiving baskets for the St. Alphonsus Food Pantry
  • Money collections for MDA and other various organizations

Students in grade 3 will not see an overall grade in each subject. They Instead will see rubric grades for individual skills. In religion, for example, the areas are Word, Worship, Community, and Discipleship. For each of these categories there are subcategories. Students will have a score from 4 to 1.

A score of a 4 means the student, “Consistently exceeds Diocesan Standards by making applications of learning beyond grade level expectations.”

A score of 3 means the student, “Consistently meets Diocesan standards.”

A score of 2 means the student is, “Working towards consistently meeting Diocesan standards.”

A score of 1 means the student is “Not meeting Diocesan standards.”

Most students will fall in the 3 and 2 score range. Also, there is no Honor Roll or High Honor Roll in 3rd grade.

If you would like to see a copy of the 3rd grade report card it can be found on the My Students Progress website.

Third Grade Supply List

1 subject notebook (1 of each) – red, green, blue, & yellow
1- 3 subject notebook– purple
1 red folder (plastic works best)
1 yellow folder
1 folder of choice (any color or design)
1 Assignment Pad
1 Composition Notebook (can be marble or any design)
Ruler (with inches and centimeters)
#2 Pencils – Yellow only please (the others tend to get stuck in the sharpener)
Crayons or colored pencils
Hand sharpener
1 Highlighter any color
Glue (can be bottle or stick)
2 boxes of tissues
1 package of baby wipes

*We will be having a Spirit Sale in the beginning of the school year for SJS shirts. These will be for field trips and other special occasions. Please look for the flyer to come home in September.

Crayon box
Thin white dry erase markers

We will label all notebooks and folders on the first day of school. Please label your ruler, scissors, glue, and crayon box (if you have one)

Subject Areas

In Religion we are just finishing up Unit 2 and will be having a unit test the week of November 9th.  The best way to study is to review notes each night and rereading the chapter.

A paper went home today for our annual food  drive to make Thanksgiving baskets for the St. Alphonsus food pantry.  I sent home the item that each child needs to return.  If there are any questions please feel free to let me know.  Thank you for your continued generosity.

We continue to work hard in ELA everyday.  We will be starting Unit 2 next week.  This unit focuses on making predictions, themes, similes, and several types of genres.

We are also practicing our cursive writing!  The 3rd graders will be practicing in class and I will send sheets home occasionally.  In the next few weeks you will see their spelling words come home in cursive to practice.  We will gradually be writing in cursive every day, starting with our spelling test.  After Christmas break they will be expected to use cursive for everything, with the exception of class notes.

We have officially started multiplication!!!  In math we are starting to learn about groups of numbers and arrays.  In class we are using “Math and Movement” to practice skip counting.  It is important that students memorize their multiplication facts 0-12.  We will work on this in class but it is very important that they do this at home as well.

Also, be sure to practice IXL everyday. I have user names and passwords if they have forgotten.

We are continuing our study on ecosystems and animal habitats.  The students are really enjoying this chapter.  Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to see pictures from our experiment with worms and decomposers.

In social studies we are talking about culture.  We are examining our cultures and the cultures and traditions of others.

Spelling Words for the week of: November 9

  1. sky
  2. fry
  3. pie
  4. tied
  5. tight
  6. right
  7. bright
  8. grind
  9. child
  10. cube
  11. cute
  12. mule
  13. music
  14. drew
  15. few

Review words: coast, scold, bone

Challenge words: mighty, Utah

Review Words:

Challenge Words:


Spelling homework is to be completed in their spelling notebooks.  If they do forget their notebook at school a sheet of lined paper will also work.

Monday – Each word 3 times each
Tuesday – 5 sentences
Wednesday – All words in ABC order
Thursday – Study

Math Test Chapter 1 – Thursday, November 12
Spelling Test – Friday, November 13

Religion Unit 2 Test – Friday, November 14 (Socrative)


There is a  lot going on this month.  We are having a Walk-A-Thon in school on Tuesday, November 10th.  Each class is choosing a theme or color for the day and each child that raises money will be allowed to dress out for their chosen theme. Money is due Friday, November 6th.  Don’t forget that Wednesday, November 11, is a day off for Veterans Day.  Parent-Teacher Conferences for the third graders will be the evening of November 19th and during the day on the 20th.  Please call Mrs. Pike to make an appointment.  We are off the 25-29 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If there are ever any questions or concerns please feel free to send an email, [email protected], or call me here at school.  Thank you.


~Mrs. Cross