Students at St. Joseph School have the opportunity to grow and learn surrounded by God’s love.  We are able to focus on the example of Christ and how we should live out our faith and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel on a daily basis.  Some ways that we learn and grow in faith are:

  • First Friday Masses at our supporting Parish locations
  • Holy Day Masses at St. Alphonsus
  • Daily Religion classes
  • Prayer and faith examples throughout the day
  • Service projects
  • Students are able to learn directly from Priests and other religious in their classrooms


 by learning about the heroes of our faith we learn how we should try to live.

All away Masses are at 9:30am and all St. Alphonsus are at 9am.

2015-2016 Mass Schedule

  • September 11 Opening Mass – at St. Alphonsus
  • October 2 –
  • November 6-
  • December 4 –
  • December 8 – at St. Alphonsus
  • January 29 Catholic Schools Week – at St. Alphonsus
  • February 10 (Ash Wednesday) – at St. Alphonsus
  • March 4  – at Sacred Heart
  • April 1 – at Ss Peter & Paul
  • May 5 – (Ascension and May Crowning) at St. Alphonsus
  • June 3 – at Holy Family
  • June 20 Graduation 5:15pm – at St. Alphonsus
  • June 21 Closing – at St. Alphonsus

Catholics of all ages and non-Catholics are welcome to share in all aspects of Spiritual Life. Catholics not yet ready for 1st Communion and Non-Catholics will be encouraged to receive a blessing by crossing their arms over there chest as they approach the priest instead of holding their hands out for communion.