Lands' End


Uniforms are to be purchased from Lands’ End (link above).

No hooded sweatshirts or tshirts are to be worn during regular school days

BOYS UNIFORM:  Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Pants:  Navy Blue/Khaki Twill pants, purchased from Lands’ End.

Pants must be worn with a belt, if there are belt loops.

Shirts: Tucked in White or hunter green long or short-sleeved polo shirts, purchased from Lands’ End.

Shoes: Brown or black leather shoes – no work boots, no sandals, no sneakers

Shoes must be tied properly at all times.

Socks: must cover the ankle.

Sweater:  Any sweater or fleece identified on our school area of Lands’ End.

 GIRLS UNIFORM:  Kindergarten – 8th Grade

  • K – 4 girls — Jumper – school plaid purchased from Lands’ End.
  • 5 – 8 students — Skirt – school plaid purchased from Lands’ End.
  • Blouses: Tucked in Lands’ End white oxford cloth, button down with collars long or short sleeves, rounded collars with jumpers only.  True Navy shirt from Lands’ End (ONLY –  Must call Lands’ End for the Navy option.
  • Shoes:  navy, brown or black shoes with low heels – no sandals, backless shoes or clogs, no sneakers.

(Heels should not be higher than 1 1/2 inches for safety on stairs and recess.)

  • Socks – Navy blue knee socks or tights.
  • Sweater: any sweater or fleece identified on our school area of Lands’ End.
  • Pants – Khaki or Navy Lands’ End pants may be worn, with Blouses (as above) or green or white long or short sleeve polo shirts (all must be tucked in).


  • Uniform shorts – Kaki or navy twill purchased from Lands’ End may be worn from September 1- October 15 and from May 15 – end of the year.
  • The knit polo shirt is to be worn with the shorts, either white or green (tucked in).
  • Shoes and ankle socks and belt rules remain the same.


  •            All shirts and blouses are to be tucked in (not folded under) at all times
  •            Girl’s skirts and jumpers are to be hemmed at the knee.  Skirts are not to be rolled up at the waist
  •            Shoes that are tie-shoes must be tied at all times.
  •            Jewelry is to be minimal – a watch, religious medal, and for girls, simple stud earrings are acceptable. (Boys – no                earrings)
  •      Shaved heads, colored or bleached hair, tattoos and body piercing are not permitted.
  • Minimal and appropriate makeup for girls may be worn.


  • Grades 4-8, Lands’ End gym uniform shorts and shirts are required for boys and girls.
  • Tied sneakers  (Sneakers are worn only during Physical Education class)

 Non-Uniform Days

From time to time, students will have the privilege of “dressing out” for school.  There are several rules around these special days.  These are as follows:

  1. Students will come to school in appropriate clothing.  Items, which are ripped or torn or not clean, are unacceptable.  Note:  When shorts are allowed they must be at the knee! (walking/bermuda style)
  2. Jeans and sneakers may be worn on a dress down day.  Note:No backless shoes, sandals or flip flops may be worn for safety reasons.
  3. Unless specifically mentioned – hats may not be worn in school.
  4. Shirts may not have messages which are offensive or violent.  Please remember that when you wear any shirt with an advertising message, you are endorsing the product.  Advertising for tobacco or alcohol products is unacceptable in our school.
  5. If anyone has a doubt about the acceptance of any article of clothing, it is recommended that you bring an alternative; e.g. another shirt.
  6. If there is a special dress day, students must comply with the directions, or wear their regular uniform, e.g. wearing of green on St. Patrick’s Day.
  7. The Principal’s decision on appropriate dress will be final.
  8. No dress out passes will be allowed on the following occasions:
  • Days when we are going to Church
  • Days when we have a special assembly or speaker
  • Days when we are going on field trips – unless specifically announced.

 Note:  These rules apply for Birthday Casual Day Certificates

(given on the student’s birthday and to be used on the day of

their choosing) as well as for any other dress out occasions.


  • Visible piercing of body parts other than the ear lobe is not permitted.
  • Visible (while wearing gym attire or uniforms) tattoos are not permitted.
  • Extreme hairstyles, e.g. shaved heads, or hair color, e.g. blue, orange or excessively bleached, will not be permitted.  Dyed hair must be a NATURAL color.
  • No cologne, perfume, body spray, etc.

 NOTE: Uniform infractions will receive one warning.  After that, recess detention will be the usual consequence.

The Principal has final approval regarding appropriate uniform attire.