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Second: Angela Simmons


Welcome to Mrs. Simmons Second Grade classroom!

ELA Students will start Unit 4 in reading. We will be working on linking and helping verbs. We will also look words with contractions. We will be working on reading more fluently and practicing our sight word cards.

Math– Students will be working on Chapter 5 Two Digit Subtraction. Students will practice using fact families and regrouping to subtract with two digit numbers.

Religion-Chapter 17 Jesus Invites Us to show mercy and praise God.

Science– We will be learning about the water cycle and the different types of clouds in chapter 7. We will be reading different prayers that praise God such as the ” Gloria”.

Social Studies– Students will be learning about why we celebrate Presidents Day. We  will be comparing and contrasting George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as presidents.

Upcoming Test

2/17 No Spelling Test

2/17 Chapter 17 Religion Test

2/17 Chapter 5 Math Test

Calendar Events

2/14 Dress Dow for Valentine’s Day

2/17 Dress Down with a pass

2/20-2/24 Winter Break

3/1 Ash Wednesday Mass

Spelling-Students will have spelling homework during the week. Students have been given a “Spellers Choice Menu” to choose from some nights for homework. If it is a “Free Choice” night on the homework sheet, students may choose any one of the activities to complete. If a test is not given during the week then a notebook grade will be taken. The spelling list does consist of 15 words.

List #16-  Silent Letters Sounds using : wr,kn, gn, mb, sc

  1. comb
  2. crumb
  3. scene
  4. scent
  5. gnat
  6. sign
  7. knife
  8. know
  9. wrist
  10. writing
  11. cube
  12. music
  13. very
  14. eat
  15. don’t


Monday- Music and Gym

Tuesday- Art

Wednesday- Music and Gym

Thursday- Computers

Friday- Classroom Library and Gym


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My Students Progress

My Students Progress
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